• In July 1978 opens the "Stop" cafe, which at the time was more like a "tavern". In that year it opened as a cafe, a bread deposit, and a place to eat our future specialty: "Caracóis" - snails (which at the time was still very unique in this region). Through the snails came out other snacks, from the request of the usual customers. All of these traditional portuguese snacks are part of the today's menu.

• In 1980 already with some gains from the place, Mr.. António (today's cafe owner) changed his “Zundap motocycle” by a famous “4L Renault van”. Later this year he acquired its first coffee machine, since the coffee machine that was in the old tavern was already very old and the coffee extracted was lower quality.

• That same year (1980) the representation of "Jogos Santa Casa" (national lottery) becomes a reality.

• In April 1981 the coffee undergoes its first transformation: it's built a dining room snacks that worked only with reservations of groups of friends and for some customers passing by.

• In 1983 was acquired a “Toyota Hiace van” that in addition to replacing the “4L Renault van” came to help in the distribution of snails. Mr.. António and his wife Mrs. Albertina every Tuesdays, on their day off, began to sell snails all over the country to help pay the bills.

• In 1993 there was a major transformation across the cafe and restaurant. The dining room was enlarged and the cafe took a new balcony, as well as chairs, tables and equipment.

• In 1994 came more changes. The cafe was again refurbished to a bigger balcony, bathrooms renovated and expanded warehouse.

• In 1998 more changes inside the cafe, more equipment and improved walls.

• In 1999 the terrace was completely cemented, with new awnings, chairs, tables and more showcases.

• In 2002 the terrace was changed again, now covered with double glazing and aluminum, for greater comfort, more space and a better service. More materials were purchased to better serve the customer. Year that is finally designated as restaurant.

• Since then it is referenced as a restaurant, a "petiscos" house (petiscos = portuguese tapas) and a cafe with cafeteria service, including breakfast and afternoon snacks. Representitive of the Santa Casa lottery games and Payshop (bill payment service).
Known for having frequent client portfolio since several decades.

The cuisine of the Stop Restaurant is considered traditional and is distinguished by the quality of the origin of products and its confection in a homy environment.



restaurante stop (2002)


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