Ribatejo Wine Route

rota do vinho do ribatejo

The city of Santarém and the fantastic Gothic Convent of Christ in Tomar are some of the most beautiful monuments of the region. The mountains also shapes the landscape of the region: the Serra de Aire e Candeeiros Natural Park impose a landscape dominated by stone and that invites hiking. Wander on a varino boat thru the Tagus river, taking the opportunity to observe the natural reserve of the Tagus estuary. The river and the marshes are a constant presence in the paths of Ribatejo Wine Route. The lands are filled with growing vegetables, fruit and vine and the breeding of bulls and horses. The fairs and festivals related to agriculture, vineyard and stud farms demonstrate that the Ribatejo culture is closely linked to the traditional activities.

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Source: Infovini and Tejo Wine Route.